Artist: Justin Angelos
Title:"Grand Wizard"
Medium: Hand Cut Collage
Type: Signed Original Artwork
Size: 9X11
Frame: Modern Black with Glass Pane
Year: 2013
Price: $300

"Grand Wizard" by Justin Angelos

  • About the Artwork

    "The Grand Wizard" is an original hand cut collage created in 2013 by Justin Angelos. The piece has a unique story, it was discovered on Tumblr by VML an ad agency who developed a campaign for Gatorade Fierce. Justin was subsequently hired to create an interactive video for the brand that can be seen here:

    About the Artist

    At first glance, Justin may seem like just your average joe. He’s married, has a daughter and lives just outside San Francisco in the Suburbs of Burlingame. But once you step into his studio, all that talk about “average” can be laid to rest because Justin is an amazing collage artist.

    Life, death, loss and rebirth play a major role in the forming of many of his ideas. Inspired by the current state of our world and the debris man leaves in his wake Justin’s palette is often made up of found and discarded objects collected in abandoned houses, vacant lots, roadsides and second hand stores. Primitive culture, the animal world and today’s fast paced and disposable society continue to add fuel to his work.