“Something that might never show it’s face”
9X12 Mixed Media on Paper
(Graphite, Marker, Ink, Ballpoint pen)
Original Sketch in Glass Frame

Bret Brown

  • Bret Brown is a California based artist that works mostly in mixed media (acrylic, photo-transfers, collage, found object, graphite, ink, spray paint). His work is symbolic and at times playful. He creates pieces that are intended to tell stories, often of interpreted dreams. Bret inspires to create both questions and dialogue with the viewer. He graduated with a BA in fine arts from Western State University of Colorado and received an MA in clinical psychology from Antioch University.
    Born in the 70’s, Bret was, and continues to be, heavily influenced by the Southern Californian pop, surf, punk, and skate cultures of the 80’s and 90’s. At an early age, he began using his art to distract and heal from his internal struggles. His work reflects his process. It’s mostly personal, emotional, and psychological. It tends to be narrative and figurative in style.

    Bret likes to tell stories. Stories about his life and subsequent observations. His work is influenced by the concepts of scale invariance and interconnectedness as he combines both personal, social, religious, and humanistic themes.

    Bret also studies Eastern religions/philosophies and is a psychotherapist currently practicing in California.