Saturday March 6th - April 3rd 2021

Exhibit Title: JORDAN CHRISTIAN Solo Show

Description: F+ Gallery is proud to present a selection of Jordan Christians mostly large scale abstract paintings.

Inspired by the freedom of expressionistic painting, Christian seeks the joy that comes from new and unexpected combinations of abstract forms, which at times includes figurative references. Starting with colors and marks, he develops a field that is added to, erased, covered up, and worked until a surface emerges that embodies the struggle and the play of self-discovery. It is Jordan's hope that the resulting artwork will appeal to the viewer on an emotional and visceral level.


Curator: Micah Kersh




March 2018

Exhibit Title: SELECT

Description: Panting, Assemblage and Live Music

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artists: Jordan Christian, Adam Sabolick, Christina Phensy, Jordan Sabolick and Micah Kersh


March 2017

Exhibit Title: Edge to Edge

Description: Minimal and Abstract Painting 

Curator: Thomas Dumont

Artists: , Adam Sabolick, Irin Mahaparn, Christian Ramirez, and  Daniel Rosenbaum

June 2016 

Exhibit Title: Antler

Description: Painting and Illustration

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artists: Jonathan Martinez, Mary Rose, Jennifer King, Micah Kersh, Stacey Alexander


May 2016 

Exhibit Title: Hey Suburbia

Description: Painting and Illustratioin

Artists: Bret Brown, Neal Breton, Jeff Claasaan, Andrew Holder, Cal Saxton, Hannah Webb, Frank Venadas, Patrick Carrie


April 2016

Exhibit Title: CUTPASTE3

Description: Collage Art

Curator: Michael Ziobrowski

Winston Smith (SF) / Dead Kennedy's covers / @winstonsmithart
Justin Angelos (SF) / @justinangelos
Michael Tunk (Oakland) / @Michael_Tunk
Michael Ziobrowski (Santa Ana) / @xistheweapon
Aaron Mason (Costa Mesa) / Volcom / @kookimyourfather
Josh Madrid (Costa Mesa) / @jmadridart
Ryan Russell Ward (Long Beach) /  @ryanrussellward
Noel Paris (Santa Ana) / (Altemont) @princ
Joshua Ware (Denver)  / @joshua.ware
Jay Riggio (BK) / Brooklyn Collage Collective / @JayRiggio  
Michael Desutter (BK) / Brooklyn Collage Collective / @royalscourge
Rahill Jamalifard (BK)/ Habibi / @radiorahill 
Emily Hoy (PDX) / @mle_hoy_art
Sacha Cohen Tanugi aka ITCHI (Paris)  / @itchi_85


September 2015


Description: Mininimal Academic Paintings and Pottery

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artists: David Michael Lee and Tim Schwab


May 2015

Exhibit Title: Texagons

Description: Pottery, Sculpture, Mixed Media and Painting

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artists: Evan Horn and Christina Phensy

October 2014

Exhibit Title: RECLAIMED

Description: Artists who use reclaimed wood to create art and craft furniture.  

Curator: Jeremy Venaas and Micah Kersh

Artists: Mylan Chacon, Chris Hitchcock, Michael Giancristiano, Paul Gillemette, Jeremy Venaas, Micah Kersh, David Clyde Kersh and Danny Schutt 


September 20th - October 11th 2014

Exhibit Title: "CUT/PASTE II" 

Curator: Michael Ziobrowski

Artists: Justin AngelosMichael ZiobrowskiEmily Hoy, Jordan ClarkZach CollinsDirty MerlinBill Zindel and Fred Litch



August 2014 "CATASTROPHE"

Curator: Evan Senn

Artists: Nicole Bruckman, Cristina Burns, Charlotte Caron, Cat Cult, Jennie Cotterill, Jessica Fife, Josh Grelock, 

Haunted Euth, Micol Hebron, Jonathan Martinez , Chelsea Meissner, Steve Pillai, Ransom & Mitchell, Joey Remmers, Angela Rossi, Keren Segev, John Sollom, T Fail, Ray Vargas, Suzanne Walsh



July 2014

Exhibit Title: "ORDER OF CHAOS"

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artists: Evalynn J. AluJouvon Michael KingsbySean David Robertson and Skye Amber Henry with digital art colaborators Jeff Alu and Federico Medina


June 2014

Exhibit Title: Double Exposure

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artists: Kelly Castillo, Jennie Cotterill, Sara Haase, Trace Mendoza, Jophen Stein, Julian Francolino, JOSHR, Noel Madrid, Hannah Webb, Bret Brown, Sara M. Lyons, Sarah Crooks, Artemis Nolasco, Michael Ziobrowski, Steven Pillai, Paul Aguilera, Megan LeMaster, Micah Kersh, Nancy ChiuDanny Schutt



May 2014

Exhibit Title: Stones Throw

Curator: Diana Markessinis

Artists: Greg Price, Mylan Chacon, Andrea Harris, Amy Catarina, David Michael lee, Frank Swann, Elizabeth Turk, Hiromi Takizawa, Elijah Wooldridge, Suzanne Walsh, Yevgenia Mikhailik, Eric Stoner, Bret Price, Steven Perlin, Diana Markessinis 


April 2014

Exhibit Title: Exteroception

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artists: Noel Madrid, Christopher Lim, Rebecca Giesking, Julian Francolino


March 2014

Exhibit: Slide Show

Curator: Bret Brown

Artists: Kid Creature, Frank Venedas and Bret Brown


February 2014

Exhibit Title: Fathom Curve

Curator: Sarah Crooks and Rebecca Crooks 

Artists: Jophen Stein, Matt Zumberge, Sara Crooks, Tiffany England, Ofelia Marquez, Sara Crooks


December 2013

Exhibit Title: DUDES

Curator: Josh Grelock

Artists: JOSHR, Trace Mendoza, Andy Anderson, Kilby Rodell


November 2013

Exhibit Title: Matt Hodge's I Am the Beast I Worship

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artist: Matthew Hodges Solo Show


October 2013

Exhibit Title: Newton's Third

Curator: Jennie Cotterill

Artists: Aaron Brown, Alex Gardner, Autumn Buck, Camilla Taylor, Catherine Yi, Chantal deFelice, Corrie Walton, CR Stecyk !!!, Crystal Floyd, Diana Daniels, Fred Rose, Hans Dose, Javier Beltran, Jenn Reifsneider, Jennie Cotterill, JOSHR, Julius Tanag, McLean Fahnestock, Megan LeMaster, Micah Kersh, Nancy Chiu, Nicole Goux, Nicole Sloan, Patrick "Duffy" De Armas, Patti McCandless, Paul Alvarez III, Paul Aguilera, Sara M. Lyons, Steve Pillai, Susanne Melanie Berry, Trace Mendoza, Ya'el Pedroza, Yevgeniya Mikhailik


August 2013

Exhibit Title: Cut/Paste

Curator: Michael Ziobrowski

Artists: Justin Angelos, Emily Hoy, Michael Ziobrowski, No Curves



July 2013

Exhibit Title: Artemis Nolesco's Band of Gypsies

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artist: Artemis Nolesco


June 2013

Exhibit Title: Sam Carter's Duos

Curator: Amy Kaplan

Artist: Sam Carter Solo Show


May 2013

Exhibit Title: Jophen Stein's Abstracto

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artist Jophen Stein Solo Show


April 2013

Exhibit Title: COLDWAR

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artists: Danny Schutt and Cody Comrie


March 2013

Exhibit Title: Talkin'Bout My Generation: A Portrait Show

Artists: Michael Harnish and Amy Hood


February 2013

Exhibit Title: Pretty Little Thing

Curator: Amy Kaplan

Artists: Elizabeth Caffey, MJ Lindo, Veronica Lynn Harper, Kristi Bockrath, Joshua Lawyer, Michelle Orozco and Miguel Gonzalez


November 2012

Exhibit Title: Finishing School Flunkies: Presented by Splendor Device, a Female Art Collective 

Curator: Amy Kaplan

Artists: Tyoni Aragon, Kelly Castillo, Wendy Ortiz, Jennie Cotterill, Sara Hasse, Amy Kaplan, Michelle Orosco, Julie PoisonIV, Katie McAtee, Anna Brittell, Jennifer King, Irene Yue 


October 2012

Exhibit Title: Danny Beck's The Beasties of Ballywhoo

Curator: Amy Kaplan

Artist: Danny Beck Solo Show


September 2012

Exhibit Title: Nicholas Syracuse's Highway: A photographic journey from New York to California

Curator: Micah Kersh

Artist: Nicholas Syracuse Solo Show


July 2012

Exhibit Title: Off The Record

Curator: Amy Kaplan

Artists: Monica Munster, Amber Foote, Anna Brittell, James Swartz, Ben Brough, Colin Green, Renee Watkins, Sam Carter, Ashleymarie Sey Lively, Micah Kersh, Kurt Brizzolara, Dan Almanzar, Jennifer King, Pedro Garcia, Tyler Nealeigh, Mike McGrego, Chris DeArmas, John Mastri, PoisonIV, Raine


June 2012

Grand Opening Group Show

Curator: Amy Kaplan

Artists: Cody Lusby, Chris Bradley, Josh Grelock, Noel Paris, Alex Chiu, Sara Hasse, Gabe Larson, Dustin Myers, Kurt Brissolara, Amy Kaplan, Katie Pizzi, Mike White, Amy Hood, Katie McAtee, Raine, Sven Stucky, Julie PoisonIV, Jeff Frost, Dustin Meissner, Anna Britel, Micah Kersh